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Center for Human Emergence - Netherlands

The purpose of Center for Human Emergence (CHE) is “to become a catalyst and crystalliser of action for planetary transformation into integral evolutionary consciousness”. We intend to achieve that by continually aligning our actions with the needs and developments in the rapidly changing world around us. We are clear that if we are to meet the challenges that society is facing at this moment, we need to organise our capacities in a new way.

The core product we offer the world is Integral Resilience – the capacity for an individual, culture and organisation to maintain integrity whilst engaging adequately with rapid and intensive change. The core methodology that we use to engage the world is Synnervation, meaning ‘to interconnect and vitalise’.

CHE is being structured to enable a dynamic balance between achieving concrete results and remaining continually sensitive to our changing context. The aim is to achieve a functional system with just enough order and structure to enable conscious self-organisation.