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School of Synnervation (SoS)

We do not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we borrow it from future generations.

The School of Synnervation (SoS) is an initiative of the Center for Human Emergence (CHE). The purpose of the school is:

To support the evolution of consciousness by facilitating people, organizations and societies with appropriate processes for learning and reflection. The School of Synnervation wants to become a global leading institute in research, development and education of human behaviour & integral resilience. Our objective is to study tools and best practices that contribute to healthy life conditions and share them to support a sustainable planetary growth.

Increasing complexity and tensions: We are now living in a period where the significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. This leads to political, social, economical and ecological tensions with a global impact. Local actions need to be embedded in both the bigger global perspective and the local life conditions. This requires integral resilience and leadership development with holistic views.

The School of Synnervation supports people to develop the skills needed to be effective in an ever changing and in complexity increasing environment. The focus is on empowerment of talent and development of future leadership through engaged learning The activities of the school are divided into four fields; research, development, education and coaching.

Innovation through Integral Resilience: Innovation, as one of the most critical competitive capabilities, requires resilience. Integral Resilience is a core product of the School of Synnervation. This means:

Personal resilience - developing leadership qualities with high potentials
Cultural resilience - creating a network of new generation entrepreneurs
Structural resilience - designing infrastructures for stretching solutions with measurable results.

Creativity and analytical skills are of equal importance for sustainable performance and economic success in a highly complex and ever changing world. Whole system approaches are needed to develop both the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere.

Learning and Doing in Being: The School of Synnervation realizes interconnections between science and practice. We learn with and from our partners and apply the latest developments in these processes. Experiential learning is a key element in our approach. Local practice is to be linked to the latest insights in social and economic development. The SoS learning cycle consists of three dimensions:

action learning  - with our partners in the here and now
reflective learning - for our partners in a reflective perspective
conceptual learning - for society by applying and designing of leadership principles

The School integrates the latest insights, state of the art tools and best practices on leadership and management development in the programs offered. We work with leadership principles as:

Spiral Dynamics integral by Dr. Don Beck
Integral theory by Ken Wilber
Chaordic Design by Dee Hock
Presencing and U-curve processes by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski and Betti Sue Flowers
The corporate life cycle by Ichak Adizes
Holacratic design and decision making by Brian Robertson.

Most of these people mentioned are also part of the international CHE network.