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“We aim to have the best of the global and local thinking and expertise, and will serve to model the transcend but include perspective…

A constellation of ‘autonomous’ yet aligned and synergistic centers around the globe, a giant global MeshWORKS participating in the unfolding of deeper and higher intelligences, in service of emergence…”

- Dr. Don Beck

International Centers

CHE will unfold an ever-growing number of centers or ‘nodes’ around the globe, with these centers being selected because they exist within crosscurrents or possess people with some of the highest level of functioning on the planet. The centers will be embedded in the cultural meridian where they are placed, and will be shaped by the form of the local conditions, history, DNA codes, experiences, events and so on, rather than a single ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The vision for CHE is as a Turquoise collective intelligence entity, with the capacity to affect significant transformation for the enrichment and well-being of all.

Centers : Copenhagen, USA, and The Netherlands

Additional centers for Phase One – London, Vancouver, Argentina, Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Brazil and Boulder (USA).


















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